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10 of the best HR and Payroll Answerforce Daily Document Updates for HR Compliance

April 17, 2018

picI recently started reading the HR and Payroll Answerforce Daily Document update. To be completely honest, it’s not the most attractive email – but don’t let this fool you! Never judge a book by its cover…I certainly learned my lesson this time. The HR and Payroll Answerforce daily update is packed with interesting news, fascinating surveys, and more!

I glanced back at the email updates I’ve received since the beginning of 2018 and compiled a list of some of the most interesting articles from the HR Compliance Library. Please note that you must be logged into the Kronos Community and HR and Payroll Answerforce for the following links to work. Simply log in to the Kronos Community and scroll to click the orange HR and Payroll Answerforce button before clicking on one of the “Read” links below.

  1. New Fathers take under a week of paid parental leave if any at all. Read.
  2. Female workers nearly three times more likely than male counterparts to think there is a pay disparity at work. Read.
  3. Greatest cybersecurity risks come from managing increasing amounts of data, connected devices. Read.
  4. Most organizations have sexual harassment policies in place, but few plan to update them. Read.
  5. Rural women of color face especially large wage gap. Read.
  6. There is still time for IRA contributions. Read.
  7. Employees say their companies would perform better if their leaders showed greater “moral leadership.” Read.
  8. Experts discuss how to identify and fix a toxic corporate culture. Read.
  9. Survey reveals employees prioritize setting their own schedule above every other workplace perk. Read.
  10. Number of paid sick days directly impacts how Americans use preventive care. Read.

The update email features information on payroll management and state employment law as well. To get a daily dose of this yourself, navigate to HR and Payroll Answerforce homepage through the Kronos Community. Once in HR and Payroll Answerforce, scroll to the What’s New section and click the button to enable your email alerts.

pic2.pngAnd the good news? HR and Payroll Answerforce is FREE for all registered community members! Head to the Kronos Community to access the tool and adjust your email settings.


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