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A balancing act: Customer experience and employee engagement

February 20, 2018

Hey, can I help you? I really like the blue one. What’s the occasion?”

I was staring intently at a rack of dresses. Thank goodness, I thought. I’d come shopping alone, but in that moment, I needed a second opinion. I explained my dilemma; solid or floral print for a June wedding? Even though I didn’t purchase either dress in the end, I was a happy customer. The sales associate had been in the right place at the right time to help me.

Right person, right place, right time. Right person, right place, right time. You’ve likely heard this phrase before, especially if you’re in retail. The latest Kronos Retail Services white paper “Balancing Customer Experience with Employee Engagement for Better Workforce Management” describes the steps retailers can take to find the staffing balance that supports both customer experience and employee engagement.

In a perfect world, a friendly associate pops up at the exact moment a customer needs help deciding between a solid or floral print dress every time – and everyone is happy. Unfortunately, it’s not so simple most of the time. There are multiple factors that come into play. If the same associate had already worked a double shift, for example, and approached me with a dull, ingenuine greeting, my experience wouldn’t have been so positive. Developing a workforce management approach that balances the two experiences you want to deliver – happy customers and engaged employees – is what sets great retailers apart from the good ones.

Check out the white paper for more on delivering employee satisfaction along with outstanding customer service.

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