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PODCAST: The story behind the Kronos Community member with 5,000+ comments

January 17, 2018

512x512-faviconPerhaps no Kronos Community member has embraced the collaborative and self-service model of the space like Mahren Mahilrajan. With an astonishing number of question responses, Mahren has become an incredibly active and valuable resource since the 2016 launch of the Kronos Community. Mahren’s pay-it-forward approach to helping other customers learn more about their Kronos solutions is quite the inspiration, and I was fortunate enough to chat with him about his story.

From college student to intern to Senior Program Analyst managing Kronos for Montgomery County Government Ohio, Mahren’s professional journey has played a significant role in helping him build the knowledge he shares through his notable participation in the Kronos Community.

You can listen in on a recording of our conversation here:

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