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Are you Black Friday ready?

November 21, 2017

RT_Mall_jpgI’ve gone shopping for Black Friday once, maybe twice, in my life. For some shoppers, it’s an anticipated fun night/day out. For others, it’s an exhausting and sometimes even dangerous event. And for the retailer?

The Kronos commissioned “Retail Employees’ Holiday Wish List” survey, conducted Oct. 17-28, 2016 by Harris Poll, revealed that more than half of all retail employees would rather do something other than work on Black Friday – things like working seven days in a row, listening to a customer complain for an hour, and cleaning the bathroom for a month.

Needless to say, the day can be somewhat stressful for the people who make it all happen for the rest of us.

So, how do retailers and their staff prepare for such a hectic day? Well, one way is close stores and give employees the day off like REI – an interesting approach with a valuable #OptOutside message! Or, for retailers continuing business as usual, Kronos can help contain the hustle and bustle. Kronos employee scheduling solutions like Workforce Dimensions Scheduling ensure you have the right people covering every shift every day. The “Retail Employees’ Holiday Wish List” survey also revealed that letting employees choose their own schedules would make working during the holiday season a little bit better, and Workforce Dimensions makes it easier to do that. Empower your employees with self-service and mobile scheduling to keep morale high and increase engagement!

Another way to prepare for the biggest shopping day of the year is by leveraging the retail labor model, a tool used to build annual labor budget as well as weekly and period labor forecasts. But not only does it help retailers prepare, it can also help them reflect on actual labor performance – super helpful during busy times like Black Friday. Check out part-2 of the Retail Labor Model white paper series – How Traditional Methods for Gauging the Customer Experience Fall Short – to learn about the variety of ways to measure labor model output!

Happy reading and happy shopping!

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