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Partnering for Success – Are you a Customer of a Customer?

August 24, 2017

RT_Grocer2I rounded the corner a little too quickly at my local grocery store last week and smacked my arm into something attached to the wall. I looked down, very annoyed, only to end up smiling at the Kronos InTouch responsible for my tingling elbow.

With a customer base that includes more than half of the Fortune 1000, it’s rare that I end my day without assuming the role of “customer” at a company or store that is a Kronos customer as well. It’s pretty neat, actually. Realizing this connection is always a cheerful feeling, and I find that there’s something reassuring about the familiarity.

Project Manager, Sarah Wooldridge, describes it perfectly in the new Kronos Services Partnering for Success video for Retail and Hospitality. She explains that there’s a mutual appreciation for one another, providing a strong foundation for understanding each other’s businesses.

Kronos Services professionals are well-versed in the retail industry – and not just because of their time at Kronos. They come from careers working at supermarkets, department stores, warehouses, and family businesses. This industry experience helps them relate to your challenges and better pinpoint your most important business needs – whether it’s shaping the quality of the retail customer experience or leveraging data to support your customer experience strategy – to offer truthful and transparent best practice recommendations.

Check out our industry page for more on Kronos for Retail!

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