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Megan’s Maxims – Goals with Workforce Scheduler

June 22, 2017

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WFC-scheduler-2The unfortunate truth is that scheduling can be a thorn in the side. But the good news is that Kronos makes the complex process much simpler.

Here are a few goals to keep in mind and to help avoid the prickles along the path.

Staff the right number of people. Forecasting tools like Schedule Generator, Auto Scheduler, Coverage Graph, and Daily Coverage Tab can help pinpoint vacancies and evaluate how well you’re meeting staffing needs.

Staff the proper skill-mix. Coverage Indicator and Staffing Assistant are features that help ensure you have the right people/roles on the job.

Control overtime. Set up Kronos to show projected hours in the Schedule Planner. Send staff home early or have them come in later to limit labor costs. The system can then promote changes to managers and/or employees as close to real-time as possible.

Know where to send staff when help is needed. Keep employee skills, certifications, proficiencies, and pay codes current to maintain accurate info on employee eligibility and availability. In healthcare, the staffing widget works wonders to identify which units have too many or too few people.

Who knows? With the right strategy and by using the right tools, you might even look forward to making your schedule. Check out the WFC Scheduler group on the Kronos Community if you have questions! Please note, you must be logged in to post or comment.


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