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Sprucing Up the Community (Enfrentando la Comunidad)

April 5, 2017

It’s Spring, and once all the snow melts, we New Englanders will begin cleaning up the tons of sand spread for our safety. We’ll rake it out of the front of our lawns, and sweep it off the streets. Dirty piles of snow will be replaced with rich mulch, and the perennials will stretch skyward, bursting with color. The community will look better, and the experience of being in it will be more enjoyable.

We’re doing the same thing in the Kronos Community, now home to over 20,000 Kronos customers and partners. They are the community, and in just 6 months, they’ve contributed over 7,000 posts and nearly 2,000 product ideas. About 100 of those ideas are for community improvements. Here are some of them we’ve recently implemented:

  • Community members can select their preferred language in “My Settings,” providing translation for non-English users. When translation is also set in the user’s browser, most content will be translated.
  • Members can now “Follow” Topics, making it easier to keep up with content like “ACA,” “PBJ Interface,” and “Org Map.”
  • Members can “bookmark” posts and easily find them under a “My Bookmarks” tab on the community home page.
  • Global search now returns “Groups,” making it easier to find user groups with search terms like “Workforce Central,” “Workforce Ready,” or “InTouch.”
  • Clicking on a support case reveals easily readable comments, with tabs for “Related” content and additional “Case Details.”
  • Knowledge synonyms have been added to our Knowledgebase to improve the search experience.
  • The “Top Contributors” in the community on the home page has been expanded from 5 to 10 – and thanks to you all!

I’m looking forward to seeing what else with spring up over the next few months.

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