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Cloud is not a Bad Word

February 24, 2017

cloudRecently I’ve seen articles floating around indicating intelligent people use more swear words. Maybe that’s what TechCrunch was thinking when they titled a recent article @%! is cloud computing? Despite the “edgy” title, the article is a decent primer. After all, as the article opens, “After more than a decade of being in the popular tech lexicon, people kind of get the idea of “the cloud,” but most probably only understand a bit of it.”

Time flies, especially in the cloud, and we’ve been at it for over ten years! It’s amazing to me, but we deployed our first Workforce Central customer in the cloud in 2006! Today we have more than 21,000 organizations around the globe now running in the Kronos Cloud, including a recent Workforce Central customer of more than 40,000 employees and thousands of small-to-mid-sized organizations running Workforce Ready.

It’s true. Intelligent people use more cloud.

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