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Halftime Adjustments

February 6, 2017

Heartbreak in Atlanta (2005 Edition)

Well, that was an easy commute this morning. The roads of New England flowed as freely as their offense in overtime. For the bleary making the trek, productivity today may dip like a tired Altanta defense. It’s still surreal, but at the half, down 18, my hope was that the coaching staff would make the necessary adjustments to get back in the game. They did, and they did. During the blur of the 4th quarter and overtime, I was reminded of a 2005 game between the teams in Atlanta that I attended with my pal, Tom, and his then 13 year old son, Jared. When the home team tied the game at 28 with 3:52 to go, Jared started talking trash, admittedly in a cute Southern accent. I looked at the boy, and felt a twang of paternal empathy at his innocence. Then I asked, “Jared, who’s the quarterback for the Patriots?” Sheepishly, the boys head drooped, and he answered softly, “Tom Brady.”

Yeah, I’m going there again, but halftime adjustments are a good metaphor for our advisory services:

It’s likely your (gameplan) workforce management needs have changed since (kickoff) you first deployed your Kronos solution. Think (sacks, pick sixes, and getting run over on defense) mergers, acquisitions, legislative changes, collective bargaining revisions, and competitive changes – all factors that can affect your (shot at winning the game) Workforce Central® system. In today’s (game) competitive environment, it’s important that your (offensive and defensive play calling) workforce management program continues to support your (being down by 18 at the half) evolving business objectives.

Oh, Tom and Jared, your young team was scary, and they will be back.

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