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Broken, but Not Burned Out in the Brand New Year*

January 10, 2017

highlinerHey, it’s been exactly three weeks since I posted here. I took a week off, including a few days escaping New England snow in New York City for a couple shows with my son and granddaughter. What a great city… We traveled home on New Year’s Eve day, and later, around 7PM, I walked across a path on my front lawn toward the street… The last night of 2016 was decorated with beautiful soft falling snow – the kind used to accentuate a movie scene. Down the incline of the street, I was about 4 feet from the neighbor’s driveway when I slipped. I adjusted my body to avoid the fall, but my plant foot hit more freshly dusted ice and I crashed down – hard. I heard and felt my ribs crush a nice bottle of Pinot Noir against the icy pavement. Yeah. Ouch.

The first week of 2017 was spent recuperating from 3 broken ribs and a broken 2012 Hitching Post… 2016 ended painfully, and 2017 has started slowly, but while broken, I’m not burned out. I’m grateful to my neighbor, my family, and good healthcare for taking care of me, and I’m looking forward to getting back to my team and on to our goals for 2017.

In April, I’ll celebrate 17 years with Kronos. That’s a long run by today’s standards, yet I still get so much satisfaction out of the work I get to do here. Kronos has long been recognized as a great place to work, and for me the stickiness factors as an employee include my boss, my co-workers, and our customers, many who I engage with in our new Kronos community. Sure, our benefits are great, and I do still enjoy receiving a paycheck, but isn’t it the interaction with the people closest to your work that has the biggest influence on the experience and engagement?

Anyway, that’s my segue to The Employee Burnout Crisis: Study Reveals Big Workplace Challenge in 2017. It’s a study by Kronos and Future Workplace® examining how employee burnout is sabotaging workforce retention and the ability to build and maintain a high-performing workforce.

* My other working title was “Cleanup in aisle 2016”

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