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November 30, 2016

compartmentsThese days I’m working across 3 compartments of responsibility: services marketing, community, and (rarely now) blogging/social media. I’m tunneling through my head how to effectively span them to help our customers maximize the value of their Kronos solutions.

Yesterday I participated in an online meeting with our Services Customer Advisory Board that we convened in June. I did a brief overview of our new community, then Kristina Lengyel, our professional services VP, shared the results of an innovations program we also began this year. The categories for employee innovation ideas include improving customer “Time To Value” like Kronos Paragon, enhancing our customer experience, and providing new services to help customers improve their workforce management and human capital management effectiveness. The CAB loved our efforts to innovate in our services the same way we do with products.

The bulk of the discussion was around Kronos advisory services and strategic roadmap planning. We covered a great deal, but it’s difficult to fully explore everything you want to in a 90-minute call, so we’re establishing a discussion group in the community so that the conversations can continue unbound by a time constraint.

I think these compartments are beginning to come together…

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