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The Tao of Community

November 23, 2016

community-at-kw2016I know time is relative, but I’m relatively blown away that a week has already passed since KronosWorks 2016 ended. From all accounts, it was a very successful conference. It sure was for me until my granddaughter had a meltdown on the “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey™” ride during our Tuesday night customer event. She’s since recovered from seeing the giant 3D spiders, though she vowed, “Muma, I’ll never trust you again when you tell me a ride’s not scary!”

I wasn’t that scared going into my 4 community presentations and many demos during the conference. They all went very well, and customer reaction to our new community was magical as we registered over 1,000 new members during the week! We’re now over 7 weeks in and we’re still working to improve things like search results and support case management, but for the most part, our 12,000 members are liking the experience. During the conference, I sensed a shift from “what the heck is this” to “this is cool, how can I leverage it?” The questions are evolving from tactical “how to” to “can we?” Here are a few examples:

  • A customer approached one of our “community” booths and asked if we would start a YMCA discussion group. He manages Kronos for a YMCA, one of many that are Kronos customers. He thought a community discussion group would be a great place for fellow YMCA members to discuss their unique challenges and how they use Kronos to solve some of them.
  • This week a community member posted a question about starting another group, “I attended KronosWorks and one of the sessions we learned about was Operational Reporting. Could a Group be created for this subject as a means for customers to share reports that they have successfully built rather than each of us having to recreate the wheel?” Yes! What a great use of community!
  • Finally, on Tuesday I was in the community “movie theater” when I met Tao. He’s a Kronos customer for a county in California. He explained to me that his county uses Workforce Central to help manage their workforce compliance challenges. He also mentioned how critical it is to have proven success in California in order to be successful providing solutions to California public agencies. Tao is considering Workforce Telestaff and suggested a community discussion group where California state, county, and city agencies could discuss their Kronos experiences to learn from one another.

Wow. Wikipedia defines “Tao” as “a Chinese word signifying ‘way’, ‘path’, ‘route’, ‘key.” Tao’s idea is a perfect example of the ”way” customers can use the Kronos community to collaborate, share leading practices, and learn from each other.

What are other examples of how customers can collaborate in the Kronos Community?

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