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At the intersection of KronosWorks and Community

November 7, 2016

kronos-community-launch-october-3-2016It’s now been five weeks since we launched the Kronos community (and that long since I’ve written a blog post), and as of this moment, we’ve had 10,703 customers and partners enter the venue! It’s sort of like back in the day when concerts were “general admission” and fans would rush for the front of the stage. Here are a few other stats about how our customers and partners have been using the community since launch:

  • 1,930 posts and 2,460 comments
  • 7,539 questions
  • 339 ideas
  • 121,462 knowledgebase searches

Community will be prominent at KronosWorks this year with a big “community” right outside the expo hall consisting of a park, town hall, library, and a theater where we’ll demo community for 3 days! We also have several sessions devoted to community:

Monday, November 14
1:45PM – 2:45PM
KR192R Tour the New Kronos Community
Tuesday, November 15
1:30PM – 2:30PM
KR192R Tour the New Kronos Community
Wednesday, November 16
11:00PM – 12:00PM
KR199 Navigating the New Kronos Community
(for Kronos iSeries Central Customers)


So whether you’re already using the community, want to check it out, ask questions, pick up some usage tips, and maybe get registered, please come visit us and don’t forget to pick up our cool community tote bag!


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