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Weeding the Kronos Community

September 6, 2016

Crabgrass-1I began to notice it on Friday night. Whenever my eyes would close, I’d see this “after image” still sizzling on my rods and cones. After tearing hundreds of crabgrass plants by hand in preparation of planting new grass, my photoreceptor cells, hands and back just couldn’t shake the experience. After 4 days of it across my third of an acre, on Sunday I was finally able to mow it low, spread some new topsoil in the bad spots, then walk the balance of 21,346 steps to lime, fertilize, seed, and roll.

21346I won’t go so far to say the weeding was Zen-like, but there was a peacefulness to crawling that ground with hand spade and rubber bucket, and yeah, it was satisfying to feel those tentacled creatures rip from the ground.

Today we begin our internal “weeding” of the Kronos online community to seek and destroy the weeds (and bugs) that would hinder the experience of our customers, partners and employees when the site goes live less than a month from now. Here is a sneak peek at the home page:

Community Screenshot for 5HIFT


  • Topics – Topics help community visitors easily find the content they are looking for. The community uses “tagging” to assign topics to content. For example, content (Q&A, discussions, knowledgebase articles, documentation) associated with Workforce Timekeeper would include, at a minimum, the tags #Workforce Central and #Workforce Timekeeper. “Featured Topics” are a nice visual way to put important topics front and center.
  • Get Answers – Community visitors can search for answers, and if their question (or one like it) has been asked, it will be returned in their search results along with answers provided by registered customers, partners, and Kronos employees. Only registered users may submit new questions or answer questions. “Get answers” also allows a questioner to select the “best answer” to their question.
  • Documentation – All product documentation will be accessible in community as it is today in the customer portal. Some product documentation will be available without logging in.
  • Discussions – This is similar to a Facebook feed. Discussions will often take place in “groups” that registered users may join depending on their interests. We expect our groups at launch to be based on product platforms (Workforce Central, Workforce Ready, etc.), industries (Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, etc.), and even some existing customer and partner groups.
  • Ideas – Have an idea for a new product feature? As a registered user, you can submit it in the community! If you discover the idea already exists, you can vote on it and discuss it!
  • Learn – Here you’ll find links to all things education and training, including a direct link right into KnowledgePass for those of you with a subscription.
  • Services – Get information on Kronos services, including a link to Upgrade Central, where you can get all the information you need for upgrading your non-SaaS products.

Weeding… It’s necessary so the healthy content of the lawn, or in this case, community, has a chance to grow.

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