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Your Arrival… at Kronosworks

August 12, 2016

languageI love good sci-fi, and the trailer for the film “Arrival” looks great! In it, Amy Adams plays expert linguist Louise Banks who is enlisted to help communicate with aliens who have dropped in on Earth. One article likens the film to the adaptation of Carl Sagan’s “Contact” that starred Jodie Foster. I can only hope. Or it could just be another movie with stuff blowing up. “Arrival” opens on Friday, November 11th, right before…

Hey, speaking of speaking foreign languages, one of the cool, albeit challenging aspects of working for a global company like Kronos is the variety of languages we communicate with. Our website is available in nine languages. The reason I bring this up is because of an email I received in Chinese about KronosWorks. I can’t read it, but I find it interesting and beautiful. KronosWorks opens on November 13th. Plan your arrival.

KW Chinese

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