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“Find acceptance, inspiration and togetherness”

August 9, 2016

AOL Message BoardsThey say space is expanding, and that’s certainly true for the space between my posts lately. I’m very busy on a project set to launch on October 3rd. I began a post on it Friday:

This week I was doing a little whining… Wait. It wasn’t really whining, it was more like fretting over a project I’m working on with many moving parts, including customers, employees, partners, agile software development, and many unknowns. You know, the “we don’t know what we don’t know” unknowns.

I intended to wrap that up on Monday with the “you get to do this” reminder from my boss. She’s right. It’s a cool project that I’ve wanted to do for years now. Unfortunately, I was not a word generating machine on Monday, because Sunday night I went to Fenway Park to see Pearl Jam, and well, my first foray into Monday didn’t end until about 1:30AM. Anyway, it was my first time seeing the band, but for my friend, Barb, it was 19 or 20. She’s not sure. PJ is family to her. It was an amazing experience, the kind you tuck your phone away (mostly) for. During the 3 ½ hour show, the cameras would pan the crowd where most of the Pearl Jam community were singing every word. I’m embarrassed to admit I knew only about 1/3 of their songs, but back when the band (and I) were younger, I was a member in a different musical community, with its home on an AOL message board called No Depression–Alt.Country. It brought together fans of a musical genre that has produced some great music over the years, and was an online community for sharing the music, the lyrics, the live show experiences, and even tips on how to get great tickets.

There’s a wonderful little history of the “ND board” and what it meant to the guy who started it. He ends the article with this:

“As I tucked my daughters into bed this evening, I wondered who their musical heroes will be. If they are lucky, like me, they won’t necessarily be musicians at all, but a few well-chosen friends whose musical soul mirrors their own and from whom they’ll find acceptance, inspiration and togetherness. Even if it arrives across the internet.”

Now 20 years later, the project my boss is leading, and I’m helping to launch will bring an online community to Kronos customers, partners, employees, and anyone else looking for information about workforce management. My hope is that there they’ll find “acceptance, inspiration and togetherness. Even if it arrives across the internet.”

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  1. Barb V permalink
    August 9, 2016 2:04 pm

    Leo: given to fly

  2. Barb V permalink
    August 9, 2016 2:12 pm

    “get to do this” is the theme from the Life is Good owners. They ‘get to’ vs ‘have to’ do stuff. Thanks for the Pearl Jam shout-out – the good friends that introduced to their music many years ago are like family as well.

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