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The Justifying KronosWorks Blues

July 22, 2016

KW LetterLate last century, I was a partner in an independent (we preferred “indie”) record label, and in this case “indie” means “not much money.” What money we did have was spent on manufacturing CD’s for promotion and sale, and marketing through indie music magazines, radio promotion, and record store placement. In March of every year we’d struggle with the financial decision to attend the South by Southwest (SXSW) music festival, but we made it work. At least two of us would go to scout bands and meet industry people. One highlight was partner Dave approaching Seymour Stein (he founded Sire Records and signed Madonna, the Ramones, Talking Heads, the Pretenders, and the Replacements, just to name a few) in an Austin consignment store (they had bands play) to hand him a cassette tape of one of our bands. Yep. The other highlight of that trip was the three of us (3rd partner, Jeff, not Mr. Stein) staying in one “No-Tell Motel” room. Good times.

Anyway, regardless of your business, justifying a trip to a related conference forces you to assess the value of the networking opportunities, the content, and yeah, the fun. Here’s an article on optimizing the value of conference attendance, but what about KronosWorks? Earlier this week I wrote about how KronosWorks will be magical this year, so there’s the fun, but what about the networking and content? Well, we expect over 2,000 customers this year, plus Kronos employees and partners to talk workforce management. And content? The agenda is right here. Oh, and if you need some help convincing the boss, this customizable justification letter will help.

Today is the last day to save $250 off your conference fee. Hey, that may help you avoid staying in a No-Tell Motel with your coworkers…

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