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A touch too much?

July 12, 2016

VisibilityLast night as I was uh, touching my phone for probably the 5,000th time of the day, I read, “We touch our phones 2,617 times a day.” That’s just the average of the 94 Android users studied by researcher Dscout over a five day period. The heavy hitters fiddled with their phone 5,427 times a day!

Hey, as long as you’re on the phone, you may as well be productive and Kronos can help. For example, American Woodmark Corporation just migrated their Workforce Central solution from on-premise to the Kronos Cloud, and at the same time deployed Workforce Mobile for their remote workforce. “Field service technicians working remotely now have the ability to clock in and out through mobile devices directly from worksites. Also with Kronos mobile solutions, employees can easily submit time-off requests, approve timecards, transfer between jobs, and track detailed labor activity from anywhere at any time, improving productivity and employee satisfaction.”

Back in April, Kronos announced a bunch of Workforce Mobile enhancements including Shift Swap, Open Shift, Request to Cover, and Availability.

Workforce Mobile is available via iPhone® and Android™. Workforce Tablet is available on the Apple® iPad®. And if you’re a Workforce Ready customer, you can be mobile, too.

Kronos mobile. It’s like Pokémon Go for workforce management.

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