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Independence Day (from Java)!

July 1, 2016

fireworksI wanted to call this post, “Au Revoir, Java,” but given the impending US holiday I’m going with metaphors of protracted battles 240 years ago in reality and 20 years ago on film. It took about 8 years until the original “BREXIT” in 1783, and damn, those aliens put up a good fight before the last of them were eradicated… You know that scene when Randy Quaid flies an F-16 up into the alien spaceship to make it go boom and gain independence? Well, that just happened. Here you go…

Workforce Central V8.0.11 has eliminated the reliance on client-side Java!

Yep. Workforce Central 8.0.11 and the Express Upgrade are scheduled to post to the customer portal on July 1! Here’s what the Workforce Central Suite 8.0.11 Service Release Notes say:

What’s New?
All Java applets now have Java-free replacements, including:

• Workload Planner, which is a part of Scheduler
• Quick Time Stamp Offline – A new installation kit is available. For more information, see the Quick Time Stamp Offline System Administrator Guide.

All Setup pages are now Java-free. The process to replace client-side Java, which began with Workforce Central 8.0, has been completed and the remaining setup pages have been redesigned and are Java-free. When you apply the V8.0.11 service release, these Setup pages will be replaced automatically with the non-Java version. Functionality is unchanged.

– Availability Templates
– Event Manager
– HyperFind Queries
– Jobs and Organizational Map
– Labor Level Sets
– Organizational Sets
– Pattern Templates
– Process Profiles
– Query Manager
– Report Setup
– Schedule Periods
– Shift Templates
– Table Import
– Workflow Notifications

If you apply the V8.0.11 service release to an already-configured Workforce Central system, your existing navigators are unchanged. If you are using a Java applet as a Single Link, the applet will continue to work. Although it is still possible to include some Java content in navigator, you are strongly encouraged to remove and replace applet content with its non-Java replacement. See the Navigator Implementation Guide for more information.

So there you go. Have a safe and happy Independence Day!

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  1. July 8, 2016 11:31 am

    Oh yeah Baby !!!

    Just applied it for couple of Healthcare clients and I can’t described the awesome feeling of finally not seeing the ‘java.exe’ anywhere in the task manager 🙂

    Bye bye Java !!

    Zulf Ansari
    Senior Kronos Consultant
    JK Seva Consulting

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