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May the (Security) Force Be With You

June 17, 2016

Wynn SecurityHey, it’s been a while. Sorry. I’ve been busy. One big project I’ve got going on is the implementation of an online community platform for our customers, partners, employees, and really anyone else looking to learn more about Kronos and our HCM/workforce management solutions. That said, if you’re a customer or partner and a reader of this blog, you may be interested in being a beta participant in our community. If so, please let me know.

With the Summer looming and beautiful weather already here in the northeastern US, I’ve also been busy with stuff outside like yard work, biking (OK, honestly I’ve ridden once so far…), and being my granddaughter’s top softball fan. There’s really nothing quite like little kid softball, so for you parents who get to enjoy/endure it, I tip my cap. Since she’s been playing softball, she’s also now showing some interest in the local 10, the Red Sox. Another fun recent experience with the kid was her first exposure to the Star Wars thing. It’s been fun seeing her learn about the old Han, Luke and Leia, then seeing the younger versions… Oh, and Vader… So when I watched the latest 1 in One Hundred Million episode on Troy Mitchum, vice president of security at the Wynn, Las Vegas, one particular frame stood out! It’s a cool episode, and a behind the scenes look at the incredible security capability at the Wynn and how it contributes to a wonderful customer experience.

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