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APAC of clouds

May 31, 2016

It occurs to me this fine morning that Kronos has been providing workforce management solutions to customers in the cloud since 2006. That’s 10 years! I’ll have to write a post about that…

APACTen years… It’s funny (strange) to me that I still see so many articles still today pushing the cloud like it’s a new thing. My eyes glaze over now. For the most part, the value proposition for cloud hasn’t changed much in ten years. Still I see these articles like Five reasons we should adopt cloud computing… I want something new!

OK, well here’s something new about cloud computing… According recent Frost & Sullivan research, “70 percent of Asia-Pacific businesses that currently use the cloud are internationalized, compared to only 22 percent of non-cloud users. Forty-five percent of cloud users believe use of cloud solutions have enabled them to internationalize more quickly.”

APAC… Hmmm… Yeah, we’re there. In fact, we’re been helping global organizations control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity for decades, and for the last one we’ve been doing it with Workforce Central in the cloud.  Version 8 now offers new international scheduling rules and support for 13 languages.

We also have about 100 job openings in global locations in APAC, EMEA, Latin America and elsewhere.

Kronos – Helping you internationalize through the cloud.

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