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“User Adoption” – What does it mean to you?

May 24, 2016
breadth and depth

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Man, searching for information on a nebulous subject like “user adoption” can take you as deep and wide as you want to go. The learning opportunities out there in the interwebs are limitless. I did try to find a solid definition, but whiffed. I’ll just make one up:

User adoption means the intended audience for a solution is actually using the solution consistently over time.

I think in general that definition would be acceptable, but in the world of enterprise software it’s inadequate because it doesn’t consider depth and breadth of use. For example, many of us use Microsoft Excel, but how much of its feature set do we really use? Here are just Seven Useful Microsoft Excel Features You May Not Be Using from Lifehacker.

The same depth and breadth calculus holds true for Kronos solutions. Even if you’re just using a timekeeping application in either the Workforce Central or Workforce Ready suite, how much of it are you really using? How wide is your knowledge, and how deep? There’s value across both dimensions. Then there are the other suite (sweet?) modules offering broad and deep capabilities in HR, Payroll, employee scheduling, and workforce analytics. Oh, there are more. Our workforce management solutions are deep and wide. How much are you taking advantage of?

We can help customers with their user adoption efforts to increase employee productivity, maximize the success and ROI of a Kronos implementation and ultimately achieve their desired business results.

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