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Double Overtime

May 19, 2016
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overtimeOvertime on home ice. Brutal. You’re on the edge of your seat and you can feel the tension in the building because anything can happen. A bad bounce. A deflection. In 2009, I was at a game 7 in Boston Garden when Bruins goalie Tim Thomas let a rebound bounce off him. Season over. Double overtime it only gets worse… Oh, wait. It’s not that kind of overtime.

The New York Times reports:

“The Obama administration announced on Tuesday that it was making millions more employees eligible for overtime pay. Under the new regulation to be issued by the Labor Department on Wednesday, most salaried workers earning up to $47,476 a year must receive time-and-a-half overtime pay when they work more than 40 hours during a week. The previous cutoff for overtime pay, set in 2004, was $23,660.”

I was struggling with how to address this news since it’s right in the wheelhouse of what Kronos can help customers with, but it’s so politically volatile. One news outlet editorialized that the regulation was “Making Overtime Fair Again,” while another deemed it “Career killer.” And that’s all I have to say about that. Well, here’s the actual DOL regulation.

Anyway, I don’t have to worry about addressing the hot topic because my boss did it for me! Yep, “Joyce Maroney, director of The Workforce Institute at Kronos Incorporated, and Sue Meisinger, former president and CEO of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and former deputy under secretary for the Employment Standards Administration at the DoL, recorded a podcast discussion on how the changes will impact potentially tens of thousands of U.S. organizations and their estimated 4 million white-collar, salaried workers around the country.”

Thanks Joyce and Sue!

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    Our pleasure!

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