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Thank a Nurse this Week

May 10, 2016

Nursing has been a pretty popular topic here over the years, maybe because my mom was a nurse. She went to college while I was in high school, and an indelible image of those years was of mom at the kitchen table with all her books and notes strewn across it. She worked hard. I think all nurses do, but there’s an emotional work that accompanies the physical that most of us don’t deal with. You know that saying, “we’re not saving lives here?” Well, it doesn’t apply to many nurses, and they also try to ease the intense emotional waves patients and families often find themselves on. My mom was known as “tough” (and worse ;-)) by the Cardiologists she supported, but most empathetic by her patients and their families.

It’s Nurse’s Week, so thank a nurse or two. Thanks mom.


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