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Whatever as a Service (WaaS)

May 9, 2016

Market Leading CompanySee, the thing is… the common denominator in all these “aaS” acronyms is “Service,” and if you don’t do that well, it doesn’t matter what’s in front of your “aaS,” customers will find a better experience consuming it elsewhere. That’s my big takeaway from last week’s Technology Services World (TSW) in San Diego. Other takeaways include:

  • I work with people who are very passionate about what we do for customers.
  • Kronos is doing an excellent job for customers in most areas that the Technology Services Industry Association tells us are critical to success.
  • “Telemetry” is the new industry buzzword for monitoring customer usage in WaaS engagements. That data is critical to ensuring customer success.
  • San Diego is a cool place to visit.

This Spring 2016 edition of TSW was the best I’ve ever attended, and I’m so glad I didn’t cut out early to catch a flight because the last 2 sessions were the 2 best I’ve ever seen at the conference!

Keynote: Aligning Sales, Services, and Marketing Around Customer Success: HubSpot Case Study by Mark Roberge, Chief Revenue Officer, HubSpot Sales Division – HubSpot

Gem: “Is the Future of Sales…Services?”

Networking Lunch and Closing Keynote: The Message in the Cloud by JB Wood, President & CEO – TSIA

Gem: “The product is not just features, it’s a customer engagement platform”

tsia-playbook-thumbIf you’re a TSIA member you can download the PDF versions at their website. I highly recommend you check out this organization if you serve customers with technology. Also, based on the conference content from TSIA’s latest book, Technology-as-a-Service Playbook – How to Grow a Profitable Subscription Business, I’d recommend reserving your copy today!

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