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Life is like a poker game…

May 3, 2016

self-confidence…where no one knows what you’re holding and everyone is bluffing.

That was in an old email to myself. I’m not sure if I heard it somewhere or if I made it up. I searched for it, but came up sourceless, so we’re going to go with I made it up.

The point is that it’s true. It’s why the “fake it ‘til you make it” adage works. Confidence is “UGE.

Recently my cousin asked for advice for his son who was trying to decide between a big college (15,000+ students) and a small school of about 4,000. It was an honor to be asked. I mean, what the hell do I know about that? I went to college a lifetime ago. Here’s my response:

“Obviously University A is more prestigious, but the questions to ask Brady are where will he be happier and where can he be more successful? University A has 15,000 students v 4,000 for College A. The big school / small school can make a difference. Some students get lost in a big campus while others love it. There’s more to getting a job than what the paper says. Confidence, communication and interpersonal skills are key. When he leaves school, which environment will have served him best in those areas?”

My cousin texted me a short time later to say his son had chosen the smaller school.

When I think about my schooling, the teachers I remember most are the ones who instilled confidence in me. Teachers have incredible power to shape lives that way. It’s one thing to hear a parent tell you you’re wonderful, but when a teacher you admire and respect says, “I think you’re smarter than me,” that’s life changing.

So in honor of National Teacher Appreciation Day 2016, I’d like to thank Professor Harkin, wherever you are, and all the teachers who inspire kids every day.

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