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My List of 7 Lists of Podcast Lists

April 29, 2016

feed your headYeah, it’s like the film “Inception.” My list goes into lists of lists. Hang with me…

I’m working from home today and plan to spend lunch at the gym mindlessly listening to my Spotify “Workout” playlist. Come to think of it, the 1:09 is a little stale, so a new workout “play” list goes on the weekend “to do” list.  Anyway, what got me here is a New York Times article, This is Your Brain on Podcasts. Apparently it does matter what you feed your head, and a good quality podcast like The Moth Radio Hour is like stuffing wholesome brain kale into your ears.

So here you go. Pick your list of podcasts from my list. There’s one for all my internal and external Kronos customers, and even some for the rest of you:

  1. 9 Podcasts for Project Managers On the Go – for all my Kronos PM friends who are probably too busy to listen to a podcast…
  2. Complete Agile Podcast List – Yeah, that’s right. We’re “agile.”
  3. The Top 7 HR Podcasts – Whether you’re in HR or in trouble with them, these are for you.
  4. Workforce Institute Radio Podcasts – Two words: Job Security.
  5. Customer Success Radio – This was an interesting find – a podcast about all things Customer Success for cloud software companies.
  6. 38 best podcasts in the world – Best list I found.
  7. The Daily Meditation Podcast with Mary Meckley and my personal favorite. It’s a first thing in the morning ritual.
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