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It goes on…

April 12, 2016

Life goes onI’m at a mid-year sales meeting in Phoenix. I love the desert and spent 5 years in it going to school 100 miles south in Tucson. I took a trip down to memory lane on Saturday. It’s been a while, and things have changed greatly on campus. My old “East Stadium” dorm is now gone, replaced by luxury suites in Arizona Stadium. On the way out of town I wanted to get a shot of an old adobe house I lived in that formed friendships to today. When I got to the intersection of East Grant Road and Park, the old house was gone. I snapped a picture of the empty lot.

They’ll build something new and better there, but a great deal of learning and experience was achieved in that old house, some of it even related to my schoolwork… It reminds me a little of our new implementation methodology for the cloud. Yeah, a great deal of learning and experience was achieved with years of the old ways, but now we’ve built on that learning something new and better. Paragon.

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