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KISSing Up

April 8, 2016

worlds_biggest_kiss_up_mugIt’s Friday, and a great day for KISS to announce their summer Freedom to Rock Tour. Jimmy Buffet once wrote, “Don’t try to describe a KISS concert if you’ve never seen it.” I’ve seen the boys a few times, dating back to July 11, 1976 at the old Cape Cod Coliseum. Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band opened. Yeah, weird. Anyway, if you haven’t seen KISS, you should. Hey, take the kids and the grandkids, too.

This morning while driving I wasn’t listening to KISS, but a podcast from the Workforce Institute. The WFI is also the home of (Work)Joyce’s blog, and I haven’t plugged that in a while… Joyce interviewed this cool guy, and they chatted about our culture during Kronos CEO Aron Ain on the Importance of Workplace Culture.  A couple things really caught my attention. The first is that Aron said one of the ways he measures employee engagement is by walking around and asking people. True that. He always asks me, and I’ve seen him do it many many times with my co-workers. Second thing is, “I think we’re a grateful company.” He talked about how we appreciate and support each other. All true. He’s a good dude and WYSIWYG with Aron. We do support each other, and once I even told him he was doing a great job. I hope other employees do, too. It’s not kissing up. If we don’t tell him and others they’re doing a great job, who will? It’s just appreciating and supporting each other.

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