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Workforce Ready Hitting Nothing but Net

March 31, 2016

Kronos BasketballI’m not really into the NBA these days, but I’d have to be on another planet to miss the incredible Stephen Curry. Mr. Curry has spent this season chasing unicorns and putting up game winning rainbows like this one. As defending champions, he and his Golden State Warriors teammates have been described as “some kind of Zen basketball masterpiece.” His shooting numbers are amazing:



Stephen Curry



NBA average



Still, the Buddha’s of statistical analysis over at the fivethirtyeight think Stephen Curry’s value is still grossly understated by these numbers and their analysis makes the case. From what I have seen, he and his team are a joy to watch, so I may just have to stay up for the late game tomorrow night when the local boys in green visit the Golden State.

Hey, speaking of killing the numbers, did you see that sales of our Workforce Ready solution in the cloud for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) climbed 127 percent year-over-year during our first quarter of Fiscal 2016? Yeah, the Workforce Ready business unit is “some kind of SaaS workforce management masterpiece,” and they’re hitting nothing but net.

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