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Can I use a Portkey to get my son to KronosWorks?

March 23, 2016

Kyle at HogwartsI’m trying to figure out how to get my son to Orlando with me for KronosWorks 2016, November 13-16 at the Hyatt Regency Orlando. We’ve made the trip before, and let me just say he’s a big fan of JK Rowling’s work… Sure, I can fly him down with me, but what’s the kid going to do while I’m working? Hmmm… If I bring his big sister and neice… Oh, but then I’d need Harry’s Gringotts account to finance it.

Anyway, that’s not your problem, although bringing the fam is a good option when the conference is in Orlando. The weather, the theme parks… If you’d like to explore the possibility of attending KronosWorks 2016, check out our new website and even take advantage of early bird registration. The May 13th deadline to save $300 will be here before we know it…

The conference now attracts around 2,000 customers, so it’s a great place to network with peers that are in your industry, and use the same Kronos solutions that you do… Let’s make it a plan!

“I get a lot of information that gives me strategic direction that I’ll talk to my boss about when I get back to the office and say, ‘This is where we want to go and this is what I saw at KronosWorks, and let’s go for it.'”
Sean Bradley, Director of IT, Sitel

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