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Employee Engagement in Healthcare

March 16, 2016

This week I collaborated on a presentation for a prospective healthcare customer visiting Kronos today. A part of the content I put together helps illustrate the depth and breadth of Kronos Workforce Central in healthcare:

Kronos Healthcare

The numbers don’t begin to tell the story of why Kronos partners so effectively with so many healthcare organizations, but let me attempt a little more insight. There are obvious business benefits for any organization choosing Kronos, and workforce management plays a significant role in patient care, but our people are a Kronos differentiator just as compelling as our technology. We recently deployed an enterprise social network to increase collaboration across Kronos globally. Here’s a post by Susan Reese, our Chief Nursing Officer, about one of her employees, Gaye, a registered nurse in our healthcare practice…

Susan Reese


Gaylyn Timiney


“I doubt anyone could have predicted in 2006 how impactful a decision hiring Gaylyn Timiney would be to the success of the healthcare vertical over the next ten years. The past decade with Gaye as part of the team has been filled with great stories, meaningful insights and a level of domain expertise and support that has proved to be our secret weapon and the key to many successes. Thank you Gaye for all you do for us as individuals and as a team. Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary at Kronos.”

The relationships we have here drive the engagement of our employees, and position us to help customers do the same for theirs. Here’s another example of how it’s being done…

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