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March 11, 2016
"Bill" contemplates the Kronos culture while waiting for a pizza in the brick oven.

“Bill” contemplates the Kronos culture while waiting for a pizza in the brick oven.

Yesterday my boss came barging in my office smiling and pumping her fist saying, “I am a freakin’ machine!” I calmly disabled the energy chip in her neck and she slumped lifelessly into a chair, staying there until I re-installed it at the end of the day. OK, I made up the energy chip thing, but she did fly in all fired up, and it’s true – she is a freakin’ machine. I recently wrote of her, “In addition to the leadership and support she provides our group, she gets down in the trenches and does a ton of real work.” Anyway, that’s enough about (Work)Joyce, but my point is her humor, passion, and work ethic is endemic to the culture at Kronos. I also think it’s prevalent across the generations working here – Millennials, Gen Xers, and Boomers alike. That’s why Kronos is great place to work.

Recently, the Workforce Institute (OK, that’s her baby, too) released their second study in The Employee Engagement Lifecycle Series with The new survey examined the differing opinions among human resources (HR) professionals, people managers, and employees regarding “workplace culture, who drives it, what’s important to creating a great one, and what can destroy workplace culture.” I found it interesting that about one-third of HR professionals believe (the head of) HR defines the culture.

HR defines the culture? Hmmm…

Last week at our Global Project Management Summit in Atlanta, I had the opportunity to hang out one night with two of the HR Business Partners that support our services organization. Apparently, just assigning one to me wasn’t enough… “Bill” and “Peter” are very different dudes. I don’t mean they’re “different” (well, “Bill” is), I mean they’re very different people, one a rebellious, Seinfeldian “aging hipster,” and the other “a shiny prepster on a hill.” Our group of 6 had a few cigars, lots of laughs, and helped out some of the homeless on the downtown streets. As I think about the organization they support, and the hundreds of challenging roles in it – I realize they have a damn tough job, but they do it every day with humor and humanity. “Bill” and “Peter” may not define the culture, but they sure embody it, even if one of them does it in plaid on plaid.

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