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Pursuing Project Perfection

March 4, 2016

I began this post on Sunday, but got swept up into the vortex of sessions, team-building, coffee conversations, meals, nights later than usual, and friendships old and new. The swirl spilled me out this morning…

Screenshot_2016-03-04-09-45-18I’m on Peachtree Street in Atlanta for our annual Global Project Management Summit. Right now we’re watching some video chat snippets of a few of our PM’s who have become PMP certified, and what that knowledge and experience means to them personally, professionally, and most importantly, what it means to their customers. I’m not a Project Manager, but really all of us are, and can aspire to be better ones. Think about it. In life we’ve got time management, communication is critical, we manage a budget, and we are faced with relentless change. Oh, and the human relation thing. Humans bring dimensions like trust, challenge, humility and connection. It wasn’t a coincidence that one of the first slides of the 4 day summit from Services leader Kristina Lengyel was about connecting on a human level:

Ability to connect with others begins with understanding
the value of people and knowing what is valuable to them.

Our professional services organization does project management at scale. We’ve got hundreds of global PM’s managing thousands of projects every year. To enhance their skills, they attended workshops on customer experience, our new Paragon implementation methodology, change management, collaboration and trust. The week was a blur, but a great deal was learned from the facilitators and leaders, but mostly from each other. Experiences were shared. Relationships were formed and strengthened.

On Wednesday afternoon a tired few hundred shuffled into the ballroom for one last session. It was with The Silent Conductor. I don’t want to give away the experience, but it was a perfect conclusion to a summit heavy on the importance of human connection. It’s as if we were all working together as one integrated instrument playing in the same direction. Just like a successful project.

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