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Cam Newton’s Performance Appraisal

February 8, 2016

performance-appraisal-feedbackLet me get a few things out of the way from SuperYesterday:

  • That Lady (Gaga) can sing.
  • Good for you, Peyton.
  • Sheep singing Queen’s “Somebody to Love?” Beautiful.

Now, Cam, got time for some feedback?

Thinking about it in terms of a Kronos performance appraisal, we rate employees on WHAT they accomplished (performance against their goals), and HOW they accomplished it (things like character, collaboration, focus on customers, etc.). Summing up Mr. Newton’s performance yesterday, he and his team didn’t accomplish their goals due to superior competition, but also because he was unable to adapt to the increased competition, he was inwardly focused instead of on his customers (teammates), and therefore was unable to engage and inspire them. Oh, and Cam… When you fumble the ball with the game on the line, jump on it – not away from it.

Yesterday Cam Newton got some important experience, and I think it will result in him being a better teammate and leader for his team. Few of us have perfect resumes.

Hey, speaking of resumes, over the weekend I read 10 Reasons Why I Ignored Your Resume, including these gems:

  1. You use a Hotmail or AOL email address
  2. Your last tweet is from 2011
  3. You haven’t written anything since college

Check it out. Make your resume tweaks, then send it to Kronos! We have about 300 job openings and we’re a great place to work!

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