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Has the Tom Brady flu migrated?

February 3, 2016

Patriots going to SuperBowl 50Sadly, and no matter what Steve Harvey says, there’ll be no Tom Brady Flu epidemic in New England this year. However, the forecast for a Monday malady in the Carolinas and especially in Colorado is, um, a mile high. I’ll be enjoying the game on Sunday in my hermetically sealed man cave, far away from the contagion zones. Good thing, too, because according to a new survey commissioned by the bosses Workforce Institute, some 16.5 million US workers may be slackers on Monday! This is unreal, and I encourage you to read the news release. Here’s just one highlight:

Of those who plan to watch Super Bowl 50, 32 percent of men ages 18-34 and 20 percent of men ages 35-44 claim they might not go to work the following day due to the game.

Wait. Where’s my demographic?

Oh, for the record (and mine in the big game is really bad…), I’m picking and will be rooting for the team whose quarterback annoyingly yells “OMAHA” on nearly every play.

“Crawfish shorts I like your style.”


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