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Are you happy (at work)?

January 29, 2016

I imagine this particular activity may be an OSHA violation…

I can’t believe I missed National Punch the Clock Day on Wednesday, and National Have Fun at Work Day yesterday, although they do seem odd paired on back to back days. Also, I can’t say I really had fun yesterday. It was an odd day, reminding me of that time Darth Vader strangely felt the presence of Obi Wan Kenobi. Anyway, my work day ended with me rushing out the door early to see a doctor about my eyes. Yes, “Doctor, my eyes.” So now I sit here blogging on what was supposed to be a vacation day, but really is more of a “home with goop in my eyes day.”

My plan (and it’s not really a plan) today is to finish this post, spend some time in my edX Science of Happiness course, then hit the gym. The happiness thing has got my attention, and there are real benefits at work that you can hear about in Shawn Achor’s Ted Talk, The happy secret to better work, and his talk below… At Kronos, we do a great deal to take care of our employees, and recently even had a meditation introduction class as part of our WorkInspired efforts. I hope we’ll see more like it. Oh, speaking of WorkInspired, we’re looking for a few good (like 300+) men and women to join us. You’ll be happy you did.

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