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Van Gogh in the Cloud

January 28, 2016

I love guest blogs, and today guest-blogger Valerie Welland shares her experience with Sarah Tiernan, a shiny new employee in our Product, Technology, and Cloud (PT&C) organization. Thanks Val and Sarah!

“I am always doing that which I can not do,
in order that I may learn how to do it.”
~ Pablo Picasso

Sarah Tiernan

Sarah Tiernan

When you are a new employee at a company, you probably are going through a new hire orientation of some sort, and possibly training pertaining to your position. The training is important and will help set your new career in motion and give you a jump start learning your new position and what the company is like. If you are a new Kronite and part of the PT&C group, you are not only lucky to be working at one of the best places to work, you have a pretty fantastic trainer as well. Meet Sarah Tiernan.

Sarah is the Technical Training Program Specialist for the Kronos PT&C organization. I put on my reporter hat and headed over to our technology center to talk with Sarah about her approach to training, and how she impacts the overall customer experience.

Sarah started at Kronos eight months ago and has helped revolutionize the training program. She has already become an extremely valued part of the PT&C team and has earned some internal “kudo” awards and positive feedback:

“…she is really thinking about her customer and the extra effort she continually puts in to make everyone on the team feel important.”

Sarah in action at a PowerUp session.

Sarah in action at a PowerUp session.

So how is Sarah creating such a buzz? Using a collaborative approach she and her team explore different ways to make the training not only informative, but fun. She told me the support she received from her manager, allowed her to use a “blank canvas” to create the training. Her goal was to not only make sure the new employees have the tools they need to succeed, such as HTML 5 and Angular JS, but also encourage them to think about our customers as they develop our products. She takes many approaches to training, even taking it outside of the classroom.

The most rewarding aspect of her position is seeing people, who may not normally engage, become engaged and help her “paint the canvas” for Kronos (Sarah even has suggestion boxes placed around the building to let her know how the programs are working out.).

Sarah’s passion for learning & development, enthusiastic attitude, and bubbly personality is infectious; I even left the interview with a spring in my step. Sarah, I am glad you are part of the Kronos family and thank you for all you do to make employees comfortable and customer focused. If you would like to meet Sarah – Kronos is hiring!

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