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Where do we grow from here?

January 22, 2016

kronos_corporate_hqWhen I joined Kronos in April of 2000, just after “Y2K” failed to destroy the technology world we knew, little did I know the experience would be an unabated ascent. Back then the company was generating about $200 million annually by serving customers with mostly time and attendance software and hardware based on Windows and “client-server” architectures. A billion dollars later, we’re providing customers a breadth of workforce management solutions in the cloud.

During this period of consistent growth and success, the one constant has been our focus on and relationship with our customers. My first office was in our 300 Billerica Road building, across the street from our number 297 corporate headquarters that I now call home. At 300, I was first exposed to our customer satisfaction program. I learned quite a bit from Norm and Dave (RIP).  To this day I’m still not sure I fully comprehend the significance of the 4th order polynomial, but Norm and Dave did. Anyway, the work they began measuring the experience of our customers with Kronos products and services continues today, and helps us to continually improve both.

Success can create challenges, like filling over 250 open positions and having enough office space to accommodate them. Yesterday in a Boston Business Journal interview, our CEO, Aron Ain discussed our success and these challenges, including our search for “headquarters spaces of between 400,000 and 425,000 square feet” in the Merrimack Valley of Massachusetts where we’re currently located. Aron added, “”We’re excited to be leading a Massachusetts company and we’re deeply committed to Massachusetts.”

So, do you know of any cool 400,000+ square foot office spaces? We’re looking for new digs!

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  1. January 22, 2016 10:11 am

    Mill and Main in Maynard!

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