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Searching at Christmas

December 23, 2015

congrats-on-your-fancy-new-job-cardYesterday I received a request from a good friend to forward the resume of his colleague that lost a job due to a downsizing. The colleague is interested in working at Kronos, so I forwarded the resume to a big shot friend of mine here at Kronos, and her response was beautiful:

“Since (your friend) Dave is an Elvis Costello fan, I’m happy to take a look.”

I’m thankful she’ll help “Pump it Up.”

Another friend of mine is looking for a new gig. He had what he once described as a dream job, but stuff happens… He’s got fantastic skills very much in demand in today’s search-driven marketing, so no worries there. Still, losing a job sucks, and can crush self-esteem under an ocean of doubt. Thinking about this, I went searching for articles on that impact, but why focus on the negative? These guys are young and talented. So instead I found this Tedx talk by Scott Dinsmore – How to find and do work you love. His research produced the Passionate Work Framework, three practices for finding and doing work you love:

  • Knowing Yourself & Self-Experimentation
  • Doing the Impossible
  • Surrounding Yourself with Passionate People

Jeez… A little more research reveals Scott Dinsmore was killed in September while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. I so didn’t want this post to be a downer… Hey, he was doing something he loved when he died. And his inspiration to others lives on.

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