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Working for Kronos just got even better…

December 18, 2015

New Kronos 2016 benefitsThis morning as I lay in a dentist’s chair undergoing molar mining for a crown, I wasn’t thinking, “I’m so glad I have good dental insurance.” I guess I kind of take my employee benefits for granted, but when you consider them together, they’re a huge uh, benefit of working for a great company. I mean we have all the standard benefits any prospective employee would expect – time off, medical, dental, 401K matching, tuition reimbursement, etc. but we also have a wellness program, and even a nice gym on campus! We even have Veterinary Pet Insurance! I don’t have pets, but Aron has a dog (Well, I guess Aron’s wife has a dog…), and when he told a story at our sales kickoff meeting about how our pet insurance helped them with their dog, it got the biggest ovation of his whole talk… I guess pet insurance is a big deal!

Well, today we learned our benefits are about to get even better. Beginning on January 1, 2016, we will be introducing a new open time off policy in the U.S. and in Canada covering vacation days, sick time, personal days, floating holidays, bereavement, and even volunteer time. Also on January 1 we’ll have enhanced maternity and short term disability leave, parental leave (for the parent that didn’t give birth), adoption assistance, and increased matching contributions to our retirement plans! Then, later in the year we can look forward to a Kronos Scholarship Program for Kronite children, student loan repayment assistance, and childcare assistance!

Benefits are just a part of what makes a great company culture and employee experience, but these enhancements will help us to keep improving…

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