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Rocking the second “S” in “SaaS”

December 15, 2015

To paraphrase the Glimmer Twins, “If we can’t rock them, somebody will.”

c7da15f85c8881da8dac7d5f6b9d0ae7In increasing numbers, our customers are choosing to deploy Workforce Central “in the cloud,” subscribing to the software a la “software as a service.” (SaaS) Two of the key words here are “subscribe” and “service.” In this model, customers subscribe periodically (monthly, quarterly, yearly or more) to use or access a product or service. In the case of software, no longer is a customer required to buy anything up front. Buying things like computer servers, storage devices, and software licenses is replaced with a periodic subscription to use those products and services. That’s the subscribe part.

The second “S” in SaaS is “Service,” and it’s the key to a successful SaaS business. Your software may be great, but if the service providing it isn’t, customers will go somewhere else, and since they have no sunk costs of an upfront capital investment, it’s easier for them to leave.

I get “Cloud Launch Approval” reports during the week indicating customers that have progressed through our quality gates and are ready to go live. One of the field is the customer satisfaction score on a 0-10 scale where 10 is the best. There’s still room for improvement, but here are our December scores so far:

8, 8, 7, 8, 8, 9, 8, 9, 8, 8, 10, 8

We’re focused on our cloud customer experience… The second “S” in SaaS, because we know…

“If we can’t rock them, somebody will.”

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