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Kronos Paragon Mind Meld

December 8, 2015

Paragon VariablesIf you do a search on “software implementation methodology everybody has one,” you’ll see that yeah, everybody has one. A software methodology is typically a repeatable process with project phases like this:

  1. Start the project
  2. Figure out what needs to be done and plan to do it
  3. Do what needs to be done
  4. Test what was done to make sure what you did is what was needed to be done
  5. Conclude the project

Historically, software projects were done in a “waterfall” fashion, meaning you couldn’t begin a phase until the preceding phase was finished, or “over the falls.” More recently, “agile” methodologies use a series of small steps combining phases 3-4 until the system works as designed in phase 2.

But that’s not important right now. What’s important right now is “what makes Kronos ParagonTM different (and better)?”

A: The Kronite Mind Meld

Hmm… Some of you non-Trekies may be wondering, “what’s a mind meld?” Well, the big daddy of all mind-melds, Wikipedia says, “a mind meld is a technique for sharing thoughts, experiences, memories, and knowledge with another individual, essentially a limited form of telepathy.” In Star Trek, Spock, a Vulcan was especially good at it, but few of our staff are either Vulcan or telepathic, so we essentially did a “mind uploading” to catalogue in a database the recommended configuration practices for Kronos Workforce Central across the industries and geographies we serve. In other words, we tap the collective expertise and experience of our hundreds of global consultants to answer the question:

How should [insert Workforce Central products here] be configured for a [insert industry here] with locations in [insert global locations here?]

In a Paragon implementation, our consultants start with a pre-configured database built from this collective knowledge, then we work with the customer (using their working software) to do short, agile cycles to adjust the configuration to their exact needs – union rules, unique pay policies, etc. Of course there’s more to Paragon than just the industry configurations, so if you have ten minutes, listen to Kronos Chief Services Officer, Chris Todd explain it without the Star Trek references.

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