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Today and tomorrow…

November 25, 2015

34ce09fToday is the day when I write something about what I’m thankful for. Here you go.

  • My mom and brother are coming over for Thanksgiving. And mom is bringing a pie.
  • There will be laughter in my home. That doesn’t happen everywhere.
  • A little voice brightens my life every day. A real one, not the voice in my head…
  • I don’t worry about things. Worry is wasted energy.
  • I’m thankful to still feel immense curiosity and wonder.
  • Music that soothes the soul.
  • Words. Those of others and some of my own.
  • Opportunity. At Kronos and in my life. It’s there.
  • Exercise. Of mind and body.
  • Health. Ibid.
  • Art. It’s everywhere.
  • Somewhere during the past 13.7 billion years stars exploded and their remnants make up everything on Earth including you and I.
  • The people who love me. I love you, too.

Tomorrow after the brining, buttering, baking, basting, boiling and broiling, there will be a moment when I stare into the culinary abyss and think, “that looks just like a cloud.” Happy Thanksgiving.

mashed potato cloud

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