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Shock Me (with great ideas)

November 23, 2015

Pavlok iconI guess my Fitbit Charge HR has a new feature called “SmartTrack” that will automatically detect when I’ve started a workout session. That’s cool, I guess. I could always look at the heart rate graphs to see that, but anyway… What my Fitbit needs is the functionality in this Pavlok badboy so it delivers an electric shock anytime it senses the motion of me opening the refrigerator. That would contribute more to improving my fitness than tracking my workouts. I’ll have to figure out how to give Fitbit my input.

Hey, if you’d like to contribute your ideas to the usability of Kronos products, we’re engaging our users for targeted usability studies. These help us build better products and it gives our customers insight into how we work to build a great user experience.

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