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Weary Wednesday at KronosWorks…

November 18, 2015

Hey, great pic, Shelley Hahn!

“I’ll never do that again.” I’m sure some attendees of last night’s “customer appreciation event” in Vegas may be muttering that to themselves this morning (and you know who you are…), but… as a 15 year veteran, I can tell you the first rule of KronosWorks is:

“Ya gotta answer the bell.”

Let me help. While I can’t find your shoes, help you pack, or most importantly, bring you coffee, I can tell you what Wednesday sessions to attend if you’re a Workforce Central customer. I realize it was a late night, but you do remember what product you have, right? Good. Here we go:

8:45 – 09:30 AM (this is the tough one, but totally worth it if you still have Workforce Central on-premise)
KR-82: Keeping Your Kronos System Healthy – in Juniper 4 with technology consultant, Eben Corbiere

What you’ll learn (if you stay awake):

  • Understand key components that drive performance
  • Learn about tuning opportunities for Workforce Central
  • Understand how to uncover potential issues before they happen

9:45 – 11:15 AM (3 cups of coffee later, let’s get you upgraded – your system – sorry, you’re still in coach)
KR-81: Upgrading Workforce Central on Premises and in the Cloud: Ask the Experts – in Pinyon 2 moderated by technology consultant, Bob Hosken

What you’ll learn (it’s technical stuff):

  • Understand upgrade considerations and challenges
  • Get upgrade questions answered by upgrade experts
  • Share knowledge with others customers who are upgrading

10:45 – 11:30 AM (It’s the home stretch and you need to justify this trip and the one next year)
KR-52: How to Justify Expanding Your Kronos Footprint to Your CFO in Pinyon 3 with workforce business consultant, Alex Kerin

What you’ll learn (pay attention so you can come back next year!):

  • Learn about the value areas associated with expansion of the solution
  • Understand methods to attach a return on investment to these
  • Increase the chance of getting the project funded

Thanks to all of our customers and partners for attending. See you (maybe) next year… Safe travels, everyone.

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