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Kronos Paragon – a model of excellence

November 17, 2015

Key Elements of Kronos ParagonYesterday we announced Kronos ParagonTM at KronosWorks. Based upon customer reaction in the event app, I think they liked it…

“Paragon: Wow!”
“Paragon looks incredible!”
“So excited about Paragon!”
“Kronos Paragon would make work-life balance possible…”
“Holy cow! This is huge! #Paragon #UnintendedTrumpReference”
“Kronos Paragon. #gamechanger?”
“Want to know more about Paragon!”

Having worked on the marketing for this new cloud implementation methodology, here are my highlights:

  • Paragon puts industry configured working software (vetted by Kronos industry experts) in the hands of customers fast. From there, they work with our consultants to tweak it to their exact specifications.
  • The tool provides automated test cases based on the configuration to greatly accelerate testing.
  • At the click of a button, easy to read system documentation is produced reflecting the current configuration.
  • Project communication is greatly enhanced because project members from the customer and Kronos communicate together in an online workspace.

Paragon will greatly improve our customer experience, speed their time-to-value, and increase user adoption because users will be hands-on with the software beginning very early in the process. Here’s the Paragon brochure.

Peter TaylorSpeaking of successful projects, don’t miss Peter Taylor, the head of our Global Project Management Office today from 3:00 PM -3:45 PM in Juniper 2 for session KR-36, Real Project Management. Peter is a wonderful presenter, and I’ve seen this presentation. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Understand the five key skills for project success
  • Get advice and guidance on how to be more effective in these areas
  • Appreciate the role that a project office can play in delivering value to your business
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