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More Voice of the Customer @KronosInc!

November 9, 2015

Happy Monday, all! Here’s another guest post from Valerie Welland, Customer Experience Manager at Kronos.

By Valerie Welland
satRecently, I was asked what makes a customer relationship successful. After a moment of thought I said “A customer relationship is successful if the customer is getting the most out of the product, they are satisfied with the support received, and realize the company cares about their business”

Then I realized…. Hey! I have access to surveys….. Let’s hear what our customers ARE saying about what THEY think success is

“Kronos delivers a superior product and the Kronos resources have a good knowledge of the products and what they can do for their customers.”
“(Kronos) responds to customer enhancement requests; I like the ability to configure rules easily within Kronos & top notch product.”
“Your people are well trained with the product and how it works with other payroll and HR systems.”
“Customer Advisory Boards … very informative, helpful, and allows us the opportunity to provide feedback.”
“They do seem to offer a lot of product education and I like using the customer portal for assistance in finding answers to particular instances.”

These kinds of comments demonstrate the commitment Kronos has to our customers’ satisfaction. It is humbling if a customer feels so strongly about a product or service; they take the time to let us know.

Have something you want to say? Check out our customer experience page where you can learn more.

In my opinion, this customer sums it up perfectly:

“You listen to your customer’s needs, and provide stable, quality products and service, at a reasonable price.”

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