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Navigating Workforce Central 8

October 30, 2015

The world hates change, yet it is the
only thing that has brought progress
– Charles Kettering

v8 Navigating my timecard widgetIf you’re making the jump from an older version of Workforce Central to version 8, your users will experience a new user interface (UI) built with HTML5. For those of you upgrading from an older version, say version 6.x, your users may need a little refresher training to see how the new HTML5 screens look and how to navigate them. It’s like a major Windows upgrade – better, but different. Our KnowledgePass is the place to get this quick refresher training for your users. In the video below, our KnowledgePass expert, Lyn Bennett shows you how.

For a full look at all training available for our Workforce Central 8 suite of products, check out these learning paths:

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