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Kronos Inception

October 26, 2015

aa202a9f4341f41671ce47df99ed726eDreams are a funny thing, and I do mean both “funny strange” and “funny ha ha.” What dreams do you have, and where do they come from? This weekend I finally watched the 2010 film “Inception.” It’s about planting an idea in someone’s mind during a dream state so that they act upon it in their “reality.” Over the past several weeks I was a few levels deep into preparation for our annual sales kick off meeting, working with a few of our VP’s on the message, the presentations, the words, and the imagery. The presentations all exceeded my expectations.

So I guess it’s not surprising that I recently woke up from a dream involving getting my hair colored with one of the VP’s I’ve been working with. Yeah, we were sitting on athletic trainer tables, me on the front end of one with my legs dangling down, and “he who shall not be named” sitting with his back against a wall on the other table. In my hand was a small dish of goo, colored one of our bright Kronos colors – an orange. I looked back and asked, “do you want some more of this?”

“Yeah, give me some more of that.”

Yeah, give me some more of that, too.

We just completed another amazing year. 14 of the 15 I’ve been here I’d put in that category from a company performance perspective.

We’re approaching 4,500 employees world-wide, and need many more.

My inception for you is to read the experiences of Kronos employees on Glassdoor, and then consider joining us.

It could be a dream job – minus the hair color.

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